The Australian ATA GDO-7V! garage door opener seems to fail in exactly the same way and can be fixed for about 4c

Garage Door Opener 4c repair

The cowboy removal of damaged asbestos roofs after the November 2014 hail in Brisbane has created a significant Workplace and Public Health incident.

Hail and asbestos roofs

wierd use of surgical masks for ebola

PPE Ebola

A Google Project Loon balloon was been spotted over Queensland on May 19 2014. The balloon appeared to navigate a complex path including circling Brisbane.

Loon in Queensland

The maintenance people are often forgotten when it comes to respiratory protection. The use of surgcial type masks in a heath care setting to protect against Legionella is very wrong and gives a false sence of security, particularly when no attention is paid to fit.

Legionella at Wesley Hospital

Compaisons can be made between the medical response to the Boston Bombings and Cyclone Tracey. In both, triage and staff support and initiatives significantly helped, though other differences were enormous.

Medical response from the Boston bombing

[Translate] One of the problems with Internet links is that the links can disappear or change. I often copy the content, but link back to the source to acknowledge the source. I have just installed a link checking utility that checks links every 3 days and puts a line through broken links or unresponsive websites.  This […]

Handling broken links

A Californian case-cotrol study published online November 2012 in the Archives of General Psychiatry suggests a link between traffic pollution and autism in children.

Traffic pollution and childhood autism

[Translate] There are a number of exercise machines – mainly treadmills and some exercise bicycles, that interface with Google Maps to make exercise more interesting. A cheap DIY solution is to use a reed relay closed by a magnet to operable the up arrow on a keyboard. A lot cheaper, but is […]

Exercise machines and Google Maps